Inspired Art by Jayne James 

I have learnt & am still learning, to follow where the Spirit leads. 

Let the dove fly encapsulates what I do as an artist; through prayer, praise and paint. God’s word inspires. The Holy Spirit guides and directs my prayer and praise. As I work, the Holy Spirit continues to intercede. 
In addition to my own art practice I work in a variety of ways to engage others and facilitate opportunities and events for them to develop their own conversation. 
As an image bearer of God; Creator of Heaven & Earth (Genesis 1;27), my aim is to inspire and be inspired, developing my own creativity and watching others flourish in their desires to make and create! 
One short testimony... 
...Let the dove fly was not my idea. I did not grow up in the church. Struggling with life, grief and heartbreak as a young adult I was searching for meaning and purpose and my testimony is not uncommon. ‘Let the dove fly,’ were the words, or mantra of one who had great influence in my journey to discover the most precious relationship with our Creator God. Indeed, the best advice I have ever (& will ever) receive came from the same mouth: ‘Read the psalms & pray each day’. I had no idea at the time about the journey I was about to embark on. I didn’t know how to read the bible. I didn’t really know how to pray. I had learnt the Lord’s Prayer at school. But it meant nothing to me, they were just words to recite in the school assembly hall. Desperate for purpose I decided I would give it a go... 
It would be wrong for me to say ‘& the rest is history,’ because I’m not done! I wake early now, each morning, especially to pray. I am still studying the bible. I still have lots to learn and God’s not done teaching. I am not religious, what has emerged is a living, breathing, life giving and transforming relationship. 
The dove, is one symbol or illustration accepted & used universally to describe the Holy Spirit. When we truly pray & praise as our Daddy God intended, we find our purpose and His spirit really does take flight. 
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